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Assessment and Practice

The assessment process will include, group work, experiential learning, presentations as part of the continuous Assessment (formative)

A Portfolio of Evidence (summative) that must be completed after the interactive workshop within a specific timeframe to demonstrate the participant’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the course

Integrated Assessment

The integrated assessment brings together outcomes in a context and brings together theory and practice. This means that the assessment in this Learnership will address both the knowledge component and the application component. The integrated assessments process will include the following principles to ensure the credibility of the assessment and assessment process.

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment has a developmental purpose and is designed to help you the learner learn more effectively by giving you feedback on your performance and on how it can be improved and/or maintained. This assessment happens during the learning process.

Work Base Learning Activities

The various programmes will request a number of work base learning activities during the learning process.

Summative Assessment

At the end of the programme each participant will be requested to complete a portfolio of evidence.

  • An assessor will assess the portfolio and send it back with feedback and guidance
  • The evidence (such as documents that you have to obtain) for the portfolio must be placed in a file of the choice (your portfolio of evidence file).  Any addendums to your answers can be placed in the answer book or file.
  • Please use the format as marks will be allocated towards to outlay and technical presentation of your portfolio of evidence.
Qualification Number and Title NQF Level Credits
57804 National Certificate: Public Administration 4 157
50060 National Certificate: Public Administration 5 156
67460 National Diploma: Public Administration 6 240
57827 National Diploma: Public Administration 7 260
57823 National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance 2 120
50372 FETC: Municipal Finance and Administration 4 157
50081 FETC: Leadership Development 4 160
48965 National Certificate: Municipal Financial Management 6 166
49648 National Certificate: New Venture Creation 2 138
66249 FETC: New Venture Creation 4 149
57712 FETC: Generic Management 4 150
59201 National Certificate: Generic Management 5 162
50334 National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development practices 5 120
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